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26 shoot-outs before losing the final

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In the women’s semi-final of the Rio Olympics, the match between Germany and the Netherlands was decided after 14 shoot-outs. Last year, the Chinese Championship was decided after 26 shoot-outs!

Yes, it took 26 shoot-out before the final for the Chinese Championships between Guangdong (orange) and Liaoning (blue) was decided. All 5 players of both teams had to take at least two and some even 3 shoot outs. Both teams missed two shoot outs along the way. But  none of these opportunities where taken by the opponent.

Guangdong was very close two times, but Liaoning scored almost in the buzzer. Eventually, Liaoning won the shoot-out and where crowned as champions. Next time, we have to win after 60 minutes, because this wasn’t very good for my heart!

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